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Developments on Koh Yao Noi

In the wake of Markus A. Frey’s original dreams for the island of Koh Yao Noi has come a little flurry of excitement and a generous sprinkling of new ideas being born. Frey’s partner Jean-Michel Germing came up with a plan recently for "purpose built" homes and it is so far proving to be a success. One European man has already bought land and a home on the island (see related article) and two more are building at the time of writing. The highly motivated and worldly wise Germing has created a system where clients are very instrumental in the design of their new home. This year, Frey and Germing have also teamed up with a local landowner to open a world famous Evason Resort on Koh Yao – a move that will, without doubt, change this region irrevocably for the better.

Thailand Magazine recently met with Jean-Michel to discuss ideas:

How did the KPD project develop from conception?

"A few years ago, my business partner Dr Markus A Frey gave birth to the concept of Koyao Island Resort and the place is so beautiful that we, and some of our guests, also wanted to have a little pied-a-terre here so we created Koyao Property Developers (KPD) to build on this remote but very accessible island," said Germing. "We had a ‘base’ in the resort and wanted to build around it, whereby clients have access to all the facilities at the resort plus domestic services provided by the resort and rental agent possibilities managed by the resort if necessary," he continued.

What made you want to expand?

"We have not yet undertaken any marketing for this project," emphasized Germing, "basically guests from the resort, friends and family have so far filled our order books and the trend is developing as we speak. This is a different league of real estate," he said.

"We focus on custom-made housing where the client can bring in all their ideas and dreams. We are there to provide back up and legal reassurance and then to design and assemble the home until complete so that everything fits in aesthetically, environmentally and also financially!"

How can you reassure you’re clients that their legal needs will be taken care of?

"We have, in place on the island, our own Koyao Law Offices and we have ensured that everything the client needs – from land deed confirmation, contract management, immigration queries, opening a bank account and installing satellite TV are totally taken care of," said Germing. "Nothing is too big or too small for KPD. Clients like the hands on approach so we built our offices right here on the island."

Is it difficult to work with individual needs when building a house for clients? What if the client chops and changes his or her ideas?

"On the contrary. It is a pleasurable experience and makes every project unique," Germing enthused. "It is fun for the client to design his own home with a team of experts as opposed to ‘buying off the shelf’ and having the same property as your neighbour. It might take more time and effort this way but it is worth it when we see our client’s face on completion."

What are your dreams regarding KPD for the future?

"Making our customers, our employees and the people on the island happy with what we achieve."

Do you plan to sell real estate in other areas?

"We have already started our expansion on a virgin tropical island. You will hear from us soon."

How do you see the KPD projects affecting Koh Yao Noi as a community?

"We are helping to develop the island in an environmentally-friendly way and to encourage quality tourism. We only sell large land portions, use natural ventilation and use all natural materials such as thatched roofs and bamboo fittings," explained Germing. "As well as that we are helping to create long term jobs, something more than the traditional rubber and coconut tree farming on the island."

Regarding the new Evason Hideaway Resort and Spa,
what made you choose the location?

"You only need to stand on the land and look to know the answer that question," laughed Germing. "The view is one of the most spectacular in the world and the best on the island. It is a true Hideaway!"

Why did you pick Six Senses (Evason) to manage your
new resort?

We are working very closely with Six Senses on this project. We like their innovative style and environmentally-friendly ‘rustic chic’ as seen in their Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili in the Maldives as well as in the Evason resorts in Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui. We are embarking on a new Evason concept with Six Senses called ‘Hideaways’ and the results will be apparent in about a year here on Koh Yao Noi," Germing said.

Do you have any final comments you would like to tell readers of this article who are interested in buying a property from you?

"If you are looking for a real tropical lifestyle on a quiet and relatively remote island but still want to be only one and a half hours from an airport… come and visit us at Koyao Island Resort and we will show you around a place where you can create your dream home."

As well as Frey and Germing, others have started to realize the full potential of Koh Yao Noi as a dream destination. The architect of Koyao Island Resort, Georges Cortez is soon to open his own, very unusual designer resort here on the island. A perfect blend between all inclusive, top class service in a stunning setting and an almost back-to-nature approach when it comes to layout, Koyao Bay Pavilions is about to open its doors and once again grace the island with a little gem of a resort.

Mr.Jean-Michel Germing

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