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Make Your Vacations Special Through RV Rentals

Thinking of discovering Australia or planning to make your vacations memorable in the land of kiwis, you must plan your travel well before time in order to save your money and enjoy your time in comfort. Apart from the main cities and urban regions, Australia owns the widest and isolated natural areas with the beautiful landscape which can be sensational for the visitors. A larger number of foreign tourists make their journey towards the far reach areas of the country and explore the natural aesthetics with their loved ones. The native Australians also use to enjoy their vacations and plan their trip towards the natural landscapes in the far reach areas of the country. Enjoying the vacations in a cool and peaceful spot in the remote areas is everyone’s dream but remember it is not as fascinating as it looks like. Without proper planning and budgeting your trip, you will certainly make your adventure spoiled. So be prepared and consider the needful accessories during your travel.       It is obvious that you cannot go far away in the remote landscapes of the country on your own vehicle. Your personal van may be having the robust specifications to travel in rigid areas but you cannot live a night or two in your vehicle comfortably. That is why the ultimate and most adapted solution for this is the RV rental bus or customized vans which are also called as campervans or caravan circuits in Australia. Travelling on campervans for vacation trips is although not so cheap through prior home calculations and feasibility checks, you can definitely save your handsome dollars.

Pros You Can Get in RV Bus Rental Vacation Packages

The most beautiful oceans, mountains, deserts and jungles in Australia is always ready to welcome you while enjoying the precious and valuable moments of your leisure days with your family or friends. But the downside is that you just cannot rush to enjoy the creations of nature. It is always recommended to hire an RV rental bus for your vacation to stay longer as well as safer and comfortable. There are certain benefits associated with different RV bus rental vacation packages you can opt for your trip.
  • Instead of an ordinary vehicle, the RV buses and campervans let you enjoy the visuals of landscapes on both sides of the road during your journey to and from your final destination. Be assured, you will not regret driving these dedicated vehicles in the broader and coolest countryside roads in the far regions of Australia.
  • One of the biggest advantage of RV rentals the vehicle is that it makes you save your extra money in terms of spending in the per night expenditure in the motels or the railway tickets such as renting Villasanti. You can even reduce your overall expenditure up to fifty percent if you rent an RV bus or campervan.
  • Unlike ordinary buses and official caravans, the RV buses are dedicatedly designed to make you feel like your home with all the necessary facilities providing the convenience and relaxation. You are likely to feel these state of the art modern vehicles as one of the executive suite of a luxurious hotel. But obviously, the much you can spend, the better RV bus you can rent.
  • You can easily accompany your adequate number of friends and family members with you considering that the campervans and RC buses accommodate 5-6 persons and 10-15 persons respectively during night stay.
  • RV buses are mostly equipped with the prominent appliances like cooking stove, BBQ. grill, microwave oven, refrigerator, toilets, and certainly the air conditioning system. These are the facilities which you cannot imagine to enjoy in your ordinary vehicle or even in the nearest hotel room.
  • Almost all the RV bus rentals companies offer you the energy efficient vehicles in which you just forget to face any hurdle from charging your gadgets to running the electrical appliances.
  • There are lots of companies and tour operators in Australia who offer a full range of recreational trips and adventure hunt journeys for you as per your needs, number of acquaintances and budget. You can even develop your itinerary according to your comfort and schedule load.

How to Plan Your Journey Through RC Buses or Campervans?

Just remember, that choosing the mode of travel must always be the second step of your planning. The most important step you should take before anything else is to finalize your preferences of destination. If you opt a certain vehicle without brainstorming the final destination for your trip, you will more likely suffer financial losses and will waste your money only due to lack of homework. You must plan your travel according to the climatic conditions, road infrastructure, and other safety protocols. These considerations are also necessary for you in opting the best possible RV vehicle for the trip. It is important to understand that despite so many commercial competitors in the RV rental vehicle services, some far reach areas of Australia are still not considered to welcome hurdle free human entrance. There are many companies who have highly equipped and state of the art RV buses and campervans but they do not allow you to take their vehicles in those areas which lack basic but needful amenities required for the travelers but also for the vehicles. If you finalize such an area for adventure the ride which lacks fuel stations, food store, communication signals, electric or other power, water etc. be prepared mentally that you have increased your chances of rejection from almost most of the service providers dealing in RV rental business. Another important factor you should keep in your considerations is the mobility of Australian lands. There are numerous regions of the world where a few hours driving takes you to another city or even another country in case of European countries. But geographically, Australian urban areas are so much segregated and spread across the whole of the country that in most cases you have to drive for not only hours but days to reach the other urbanized location. So, the more efficiently you plan your trip, the more likely you will anticipate any obstacle or contingencies in your travel. Similarly, your effective planning will also help you to select the best possible option of RV buses or campervans to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

Rental RV Buses and Campervans Are More Feasible

If you can afford to buy a mini RV bus or campervan for your glorious family trips on adventures, it is your choice, but most of the time, renting such a vehicle is more feasible than to buy it. If you purchase the vehicle, you will need to go through a maintenance check not only before starting your journey but also during the off days when that vehicle is parked in somewhere in the backyard of your house as unwanted. Moreover, due to the state of the art facilities, these vehicles are first of all highly expensive and secondly, you cannot get enough financial return from such spending when the vehicles are parked most of the time than on trip. On the other hand, if you plan your travel on the basis of renting an RV bus or campervan, you will only need to pay the rent and the rest is up to the rental company including all facilities which are mutually agreed to be included in the package. Sometimes, you need to pay the fuel yourself and sometimes its cost is included in the lumpsum package on per day basis, but you must be aware of some hidden RV Rental fees that some RV company doesn’t say to their customers in the first place. Moreover, the additional accessories you wish to take is on your own like fishing equipment, food, clothes, and weather oriented costumes etc.

Considerations to Be Made For Renting the RV Buses or Campervans

there are few recommendations for you to follow in order to get the best from your what you have and what you are going to enjoy. If you go through these considerable recommendations, you are more likely to make your journey successful.
  • Please remember that there is a number of roads which have many short and long broken or damaged stretches. In some areas, ordinary cars are either impossible to drive or if you go through, you will get stuck in a no-way-out situation. So, it is recommended to have a profile of these types of the road before you book your vehicle. The harder area you choose, the more rigid vehicle will be required which can be even more costly.
  • Be sure to know each and every detail and facility offered by your RV rental company. This is necessary so that you take sufficient belongings with you to cope with the weather or environmental extremism.
  • Always share your final plan and destination with your rental company prior to book one of their vehicles. It is possible that the rental company excuses from you to provide her vehicle for your decided area, because of the road conditions or other lack of amenities available. Similarly, as per your desired destination and roads, along with your family members, the rental company will offer you the most feasible vehicle which can provide you the hassle-free amusement.
  • It is better to discuss with the rental company before booking the vehicle regarding emergencies, contingencies, insurance policy, and any relevant expenses associated with these factors.
  • If you are not twenty-one years or older, do not apply to rent an RV vehicle from any company.
  • Australians, as well as foreign tourists, are always eager to go to the remote landscape areas of the country, especially on weekends. It is, therefore, better to plan your journey and book your rental RV vehicle well in advance to prevent yourself from the unnecessary fatigue in facing the refusal call by the company.

Most Popular RV Bus Rental Vacation Packages in Australia

With all the recommendations and necessary things to be considered, let us have a look at the available options we have in the rental companies offering RV vehicles. These companies are located almost in every big city of Australia and provide their services for trips in mountains, forests, jungles, coastal belt, and deserts. You can not only enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes on the surface of the earth but also you will certainly add the magnificent experience of watching the unseen skies and stars in the darkest night you ever experienced. The most popular RV rental companies are Britz Campervan, Maui Motorhome and Luxury Caravan Hire.

Britz Campervan

bus caravan–recreational-vehicles-garages.jpg

The company offers you to enjoy the road travel and night stay in her   campervan through most of the Aboriginal territories, along with the canyons and national parks of Australia. The company offers her lump sum package of 14 days with the per head cost of 1,971 Australian Dollars. Most of the vehicles in Britz rental company are campervans which can accommodate five to six persons at a time inside the vehicle. All the campervans are four-wheel drives offering you the driving option in most of the weather and road conditions. The charm included in the services of Britz Campervan is that it offers its booking services not only inside Australia but also in the UK for all foreign nationals as well as Australian ex-pats. Whether you are in Australia or in the UK, you can now plan and book your road trips in Australia through Britz Campervan. The rental company offers its customers some facilities free of charge including portable chairs and table set, mobile heater or fan, wireless internet connectivity etc. Apart from free services in selective packages, the company also offers you to cut down the per head rates in off seasons or off days during the week.

Maui Motorhome

Another company offering her services in the coastal road trips to many cities of Australia through fourteen days long trip. You will get the edge of enjoying the landscapes, skies and coastal thrills in a single trip. The cost per person this company has set is 2,498 Australian Dollars. Like Britz, Maui Motorhome also offers RV services in its campervans with the berth capacity of 5 to 6 people to stay at night in a single campervan. This company has its offices within only Australia but you can book your trip from the UK as well through one of its booking offices. You can find one of its offices in the ten biggest cities in Australia each. This RV rental company has also a huge range of packages and discount offers to attract customers and to provide them the ease to just travel and forget any other liabilities involved. Offseason and per day rates of Maui are fair enough to appeal any enthusiast planning for his/her adventure ride in the deepness of Australian remote areas. Remember, it is you who will decide where to go and which comfort level to opt for. The more you spend, the more you get in terms of comfortability and enjoyment. The cheaper you find the company, more you will ruin your trip as well as vacations. So, be sure to have a thorough homework and calculation work prior to decide and book your rental vehicles for road travel. Do not try to rush the trip by just having a thought and book the ride, instead take it as a project.

Luxury Caravan Hire

Luxury Caravan Hire is just one of Australia’s biggest campers hire companies being experts in a selection of lightweight & conventional campers. Maintenance South East Queensland (SEQ) – Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunlight Coast, Luxury Campers Hire deals both short & long term rental campers that provide room, convenience and also style for Australians to experience outside living and traveling at its finest, all at an inexpensive rate. Why should not you have a caravan vacation with all the conveniences of home? It will certainly follow you any place your adventure takes you – Australia is your oyster and also this substantial large land is your own to check out. See for yourselves; their variety of campers offer a high requirement of coping with wonderful insides, exteriors and also some special features too.  

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